London Ticket Chaos

Im August 2011 die Tickets bestellt und bezahlt, erreicht uns gestern die folgende Nachricht des offiziellen London-2012-Ticketbüros. Es kann doch nicht sein, dass man es nicht schafft, die Tickets innerhalb von 12 Monaten an die Erwerber zu versenden. Ein Armutszeugnis für die Organisatoren, das sicherlich viele enttäuschte Menschen zurück lässt – so auch mich, wenn nicht noch etwas Wunderbares passiert:

„Short status update:

The Olympic Committees task force to stop ticket resale, Operation Podium, has gone to great efforts to stop the delivery of your tickets. Before the weekend they had the company’s websites and email accounts closed. After a court meeting it has been decided that sites will be put back online. We hope this will happen soon.

Operation Podium, in cooperation with customs, have also had a lot of our client’s tickets confiscated – this to prevent us from delivering these tickets to our customers. We have argued that this harms the clients, who have already paid for the tickets and travelled to London, but it has been made clear the tickets will not be released in time. This will be tried in court the coming week, but that will already be too late as many events are in the next days.

We are in possession of tickets and are working hard to send them out. Other tickets have yet not reached our offices. Others have not yet been sourced. We are doing our best to replace tickets taken by Podium/customs. We do, however, believe it is fair to inform you of the challenges and the now increased risk of you not receiving the ordered tickets.“

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